The City of Decatur in conjunction with the Decatur Economic Development Corporation and local and State officials work in unison to provide an atmosphere that is conducive for business and industry to thrive and grow in the community. This mindset also works well for business and industry considering a relocation from other areas to Decatur.

The Decatur Economic Development Corporation is the business and industry liaison with these governmental entities. They work together to provide a seamless process for the business or industry. A successful experience is the ultimate goal.

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  1. “We had a lot of choices when we were looking to relocate our corporate headquarters from Colorado, and Decatur has proven to be the best option for us. It was close to a major airport, but still a good environment for our employees’ families. The Decatur folks worked overtime to locate a piece of property and arranged a sale lease back with a local developer that got us exactly what we needed.”

    – Michael Clark, CEO, H2X Hydroexcavation

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  1. Decatur is a thriving Texas community with a rich history and competitive location near the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro. Its regional health system, flourishing downtown, community-oriented lifestyle, strong retail base, and prime location are strengths that are propelling Decatur's economic growth.

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