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Onyx Specialty Processing, Subsidiary of Goff Aerospace, Commits to Economic Growth with Performance Agreement

[Decatur, Texas, 04/8/2024] – Onyx Specialty Processing (Onyx SP), a leading aerospace organic and chemical processing company, and subsidiary of Goff Aerospace, announces a strategic partnership with Decatur Economic Development Corporation (DEDC) as it commits to a performance agreement aimed at fostering economic development and job creation in the region.

Under the terms of the agreement, Onyx SP pledges to embark on a journey of robust growth contributing significantly to the local economy. Occupying 29,000 square feet adjacent to its sister company, Omega Research, Onyx SP is poised to become a pivotal player in the region's aerospace sector. Key components of the performance agreement include the creation of a minimum of 30 high-quality jobs with average salaries above the Wise County median income. This commitment underscores Onyx SP's dedication to providing rewarding employment opportunities and investing in the local workforce.

Moreover, Onyx SP commits to a minimum capital investment of $3,500,000 in real and personal property improvements at its facility. This investment reflects the company's confidence in the region's economic potential and its long-term commitment to growth and innovation.

"We are thrilled to solidify our partnership with DEDC through this performance agreement," said Will Wantz, President of Onyx Specialty Processing. "At Onyx SP, we are deeply committed to driving economic growth and fostering innovation in the aerospace sector. This agreement not only underscores our dedication to creating high-quality jobs but also reflects our confidence in the region's business environment."

DEDC Executive Director Kevin Holzbog expressed his excitement, stating “Onyx SP will be a valuable corporate member of our community, creating quality jobs for area residents and continuing the drive of our local economy. I appreciate our Board of Directors and City Council for their support on this project.”

As Onyx SP embarks on this exciting new chapter, it looks forward to partnering closely with local stakeholders, businesses, and community leaders to drive sustainable economic growth and prosperity for years to come.

For more information about Decatur Economic Development Corporation or this project, visit or call 940-393-0350.


About Decatur Economic Development Corporation:

Decatur Economic Development Corporation (DEDC) is a Type A Economic Development Corporation established in 1993.  The DEDC’s mission is to drive local economic development through the support of existing business and recruitment of new business.

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