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When it comes to taxes, Texas is pro-business, boasting a lower tax burden than most states. It is one of the few states with no state income tax, no personal property tax (except on property used for business purposes), no estate tax, and no inheritance tax. 

Sales Tax Rates

  • State Tax: 6.25%

  • Wise County Sales Tax: .50%

  • Decatur Tax and Special Tax: .05%

The total combined sales tax for Decatur is 8.25%. At the state level, the sales tax is 6.25%, 6.75%, and a type A half-cent sales tax is collected for economic development.

Property Tax Rates



City of Decatur

$0.703000 / $100 of assessed value

Wise County

$0.435048 / $100 of assessed value

Decatur ISD

$1.340000 / $100 of assessed value

When compared with the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and other metros and cities, Decatur’s property tax rates are much more affordable, providing an advantage to homeowners and businesses. Property tax rates are based on 100% of the assessed value at the time of the most recent valuation.

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