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Decatur has a long, rich history. The community was founded in 1856 as Taylorsville, with its first school and post office established in 1857. Decatur officially received its name in 1858 and grew with the addition of the railroad and Decatur Baptist College (now the Wise County Museum). The college, which moved to Dallas to expand in 1965, was the first 2-year college ever established in the State of Texas.

As nearby Fort Worth grew, so did Decatur, flourishing as the county seat of Wise County. Even with the encroaching growth patterns of Fort Worth and Denton, Decatur has remained a stable community in the region. There has been a general shift in price points for homes as more families and industries move from the center of the growing DFW Metroplex into surrounding rural cities like Decatur.

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Today, Decatur is a well-established, growing community brimming with historic character and community pride. Decatur has shown time-tested, stable growth in its population and households, and with current growth and migration rates, the City and its one-mile extra-territorial jurisdiction are estimated to reach a population of approximately 10,000 by 2050.


Population Growth in Decatur

Between 2000 and 2017

Looking to the Future

Decatur is well prepared and willing to adapt to this upcoming growth and will continue to grow into the future with a design that supports a walkable and bikeable community. The City of Decatur and Decatur EDC will prioritize and encourage development, infrastructure, and public services to create a viable and sustainable community. 

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Decatur Development & Districts

Decatur follows a traditional small-town development pattern with the county courthouse at its center, surrounded by a historic square, downtown core, and older residential neighborhoods. Many commercial businesses are located along the major highways, serving the Decatur regional and state-wide markets, with major retailers, industrial and commercial land uses, and the EDC Eagle Landing Business Park. There are several distinct districts in Decatur: the Downtown District, Airport District, Hospital District, Industrial Park District, and Conference Center District. Each district plays a vital part in the community, serving residents and businesses through its unique functions, opportunities, and distinct characteristics.

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