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Decatur’s assets, including its favorable business climate, low cost of living, competitive wages, and minimal property taxes provide a favorable environment and numerous advantages for business and industry. Decatur’s target industries align with the key business sectors in Texas to promote a robust, diverse economy.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Over the past decade, manufacturing has thrived in Decatur, with manufacturing employment increasing nearly 20% between 2008 and 2013. On a per capita basis, Decatur has several relatively concentrated manufacturing sectors, and the city's proximity to both the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the Barnett Shale provides manufacturing opportunities in oil and gas equipment and transportation equipment/materials, such as metalworking and components manufacturing, along with a skilled labor pool.

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Aerospace Aviation & Defense

Texas has a long history of innovation and development in the Aerospace, Aviation, and Defense industry, which directly employs over 148,000 Texas workers and ranks #1 in the US for air transportation employment. This sector continues to grow, with clusters near major metros, including Dallas-Fort Worth. Decatur’s strategic location, skilled and educated workforce, and available land and greenfield make it a prime location for the industry.

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Biotechnology & Life Sciences

Texas is home to six medical schools that are among the country’s top 100, producing 5,000 industry-related graduates each year, including the nearby University of Texas (Dallas) and the University of North Texas. The state is a leader in innovation, with many industry leaders based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Decatur’s proximity to talent and strong infrastructure make it a prime location for the industry. (other amenities).

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Texas leads the nation in energy production while pursuing innovative renewable sources. It leads the country in crude oil production/refining and ranks #1 in the U.S. for natural gas production, electricity production, wind energy capacity, biodiesel production, and solar potential. The state is highly attractive to industry leaders due to its geography, natural resources, infrastructure, skilled workforce, and research capabilities.

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The logistics industry is relatively concentrated in Decatur, and the city continues to focus on transportation and distribution as primary targets. Supporting assets to this industry are strong in Decatur, including proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth region, strategic road and rail connections, the Decatur Municipal Airport, and a large, skilled labor pool to draw from. As a response to market demands, employment growth is predicted to be particularly strong. Desired prospects include trucking and aviation maintenance and repair and overhaul (MRO) operations.

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